CCSW utilizes CNC and laser technology which gives us the ability to produce an exact replica of your seal from metal or plastic. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dimensional graphics. Let our knowledgeable project management team assist you in creating a custom look that will make the biggest impact on your intended audience.  





Casting is an ancient practice that is still used today. The process includes pouring molten metal into sand molds. Cast plaques are vandal resistant and durable. This product is suitable for interior or exterior environments. Metals available are aluminum, bronze or brass. Graphic can be raised or recessed. Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, borders and shapes.





Vinyl is an economical product compared to cast or dimensional. Vinyl is a great option for extremely large seals or to go on glass doors. 





Painted seals are a great economical option to cast. Multiple colors and layers may be used. Most painted seals are created using a masking process. 



Custom Fabricated seals


In addition, CCSW is able to produce custom fabricated seals.